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Acorns Nursery School is now offering a bespoke, mobile, pop-up crèche service for any function you or your company may be holding anywhere in and around The Cotswolds.

We will provide our police checked, qualified and experienced Acorns staff to help your Wedding, Corporate Training Programme, or any other type of party or event go smoothly.

We appreciate how difficult it can be to host a function or event with children running around but, by the same token, your children may not be too excited by the adult event you have planned either. We will make the children's day a success whilst the grown-ups do their thing.

Please call us for details or email [email protected]

The Cotswold Crèche Feedback

"It was great to be able to leave my children with qualified staff I knew I could trust."

A guest

"All my months of planning paid off and I don't think I heard a crying child all day."

Event organiser and  bride's mother

"Tom is usually so shy and clingy,  so it was brilliant to be able to entertain our guests and look over to see him happily enjoying himself."

The bride

"Please pass on our thanks to Kristin and Kirsty for all they did on Saturday. They were brilliant. We both feel that having professional nursery nurses at the party was a huge success and improved things no end for the parents.

We were surprised by how many people came up and told us what a good idea it was to have people who really knew what they were doing, to help keep the children happy. Obviously there were parents wanting to spend time with their children too, but with 100 adults and 30 children for four or five hours, I can't say I remember hearing anyone cry! It seems that if you entertain the children well, the parents can enjoy socialising themselves. It all made for the right kind of atmosphere.

Kristin and Kirsty responded to any requests made to them in a calm and professional manner. I would recommend to anyone arranging an event which includes quite a few children, that they consider asking your Mobile Crèche to help things go with a swing. Invaluable."

Thank you letter from bride's mother