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Acorns' Nativity 2014acorn

We were very pleased with the result of our first Nativity at the Parish church and have had lots of terrific feedback:

"That was the best nativity I've seen in the church. If only every child had the opportunity to go to such a lovely nursery."

David, church steward

"We enjoyed it and the key was that all the children enjoyed it too."

A Parent

"I've seen nativities before and so didn't have high hopes of this one especially as it was with young children, but the Acorns one was very professional."

A Parent

"I think having the daily opportunity to practice with Miles inspired them. They really enjoyed the guitar and many of the children went home and played real or imaginary instruments. I also think Miles' career in theatre improved the performance."

Kristin, Head of Acorns Preschool

We were very lucky to have professional photographer in the parent body. Jered Bolton ( took the shots below and is happy to provide you with copies if you contact him.

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